What’s Andet Enterprises About? Founded November 2019, the idea of bringing back old school genuine discounting came from my history as a Discount Retail Manager for 20 years, then a Discount Wholesale Representative for a further six years.

Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast we ship nationally with majority of our lines freight free. We believe that you should never pay more than the price you see and we don’t have any hidden fees or charges.

Andet Enterprises are about supporting those who support us by offering unbranded and brand name quality at a truly discounted price. We focus on selling under the recommended price everyday to ensure the consumer gets the best value they can on each product.

With a growing range of available products, we are always looking to expand our range into every department so we can become a true ‘one stop shop’ for customers.

We are always willing to hear any improvements needed to make your experience enjoyable as well as look forward to hearing product suggestions to add to our site.

Be sure to ‘like’ our Facebook page here to stay up to date on new lines and current promotions.

Feedback is the backbone to the sustainability of our business so feel free to contact us at info.andetenterprises@gmail.com.

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